Automated Dispensing Cabinets

ADC in use

Educate Students with the Tools They'll Use in the Real World

Create simulated hospital settings that are realistic and immersive by stocking Demo Dose™ Simulated Medications in Automated Dispensing Cabinets (ADCs). For more more reasons to use an ADC, read our SimTalkBlog™ post, 5 Ways Automated Dispensing Machines Improve Patient Safety.

Work with our Simulation Lab Experts to Select the Automated Dispensing Cabinets that Meet Your Program's Needs

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medDispense® Medication Dispensing System with Optional Cabinet

The medDispense unit is a workstation with a 15-inch touchscreen and 25-drawer base unit. Each drawer is configurable to store up to six different floor stock medications or one narcotic per drawer. Underneath is 1.5 cubic feet of bulk storage space.

Optional storage cabinet provides 5.6 cubic feet of shelved bulk space. Supplies not included.

SKU#: 06-93-3425, 06-93-3426

AccessRX Secure Mobile Workstation
AccessRx Secure ™ Mobile Workstation
AccessRx Secure is a wireless, mobile workstation typically used to deliver medications to a patient's bedside after being loaded from an automated dispensing machine. With three available bin configurations, it's perfect for medication management and administration scenarios.

Available in two-tier, three-tier, and four-tier models. Discuss your needs with a Pocket Nurse Representative by filling out the form on this page to determine which model is right for your program.

SKU#: 06-93-3520

Omnicell XT Automated Dispensing Cabinets - Quarter and Half Height

The Omnicell XT Series is a highly configurable modern medication dispensing solution that maximizes workflow efficiency without sacrificing patient safety. This solution can be expanded with additional cabinets and drawers to meet various training needs. They can also be modified on site. The profile-driven dispensing solution mirrors hospital nursing workflow.

For additional storage, the XT Automated Dispensing System can be easily expanded by adding an auxiliary cabinet to any unit.

SKU#: 04-37-1654, 04-37-1655

kbPort™ SimCabRx™ Nursing Decentralized Medication Dispensation - Standard and Extended

SimCabRx™ Standard Nursing and SimCabRx™ Extended Nursing are automated dispensation cabinets designed exclusively for educating nursing students. SimCabRx™ Nursing promotes an authentic medication dispensation process within the simulated environment. SimCabRx™ is designed specifically to allow practice of high-risk medication administration actions that are typically restricted in the real clinical environment.

SKU#: 04-25-3120, 04-25-3122

kbPort™ SimCabRx™ Pharmacy Decentralized Medication Dispensation - Mini, Standard, and Extended

SimCabRx™ Pharmacy enables realistic simulations vital for educating on the highest standards of quality, accuracy, and patient safety, preparing students for pharmacy-related positions in various healthcare settings. Designed specifically to permit learners' completion of common cabinet tasks in unrestricted time frames, SimCabRx™ Extended Pharmacy includes a customizable formulary and sample patient profiles for assessment of critical information and the validation processes of order entry, accuracy, dispensation, and reconciliation.

SKU#: 04-25-9724, 04-25-3130, 04-25-3132

kbPort™ SimCartRx™ - Basic, Lite, Standard, Elite

Improve bedside medication administration education with SimCartRx™ mobile medication cart solutions. SimCartRx™ enables educators to more effectively simulate medication administration workflows, while promoting patient safety and best practices. As an integrated solution, SimCartRx™ allows students to access patient records and replicate medication administration at the bedside.

SKU#: 04-71-1447