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Why Simulation? Three reasons.

Low risk, high reward: Healthcare simulation scenarios do not put real people and actual patients at risk. Yet they do accurately represent challenges that students will face in the real world. In addition, simulated scenarios protect healthcare workers as they learn to navigate unique situations. Simulation provides students the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them.

Accurate assessment and evaluation: Testing in education is always an important way to assess how students are doing in terms of knowledge retention. Of course, pen-and-paper testing will always have its place, but testing in simulation can provide a different level of assessment of student knowledge and skills. Educators are able to provide a more detailed review of students’ efforts and actions in simulation as well. Controlled simulations enable step-by-step reviews immediately after the scenario, making clear what areas need improvement.

Customization: With simulation, educators have the flexibility to structure lessons and learning scenarios to several levels of student. Beginners can start building “muscle memory,” which will help them advance their focus toward more demanding aspects of patient care. Intermediate and expert learners can grow their learning beyond simple simulations into more challenging and ever-developing areas of technically advanced healthcare.

At Pocket Nurse®, we fully advocate for and support medical education via our simulation products. Our line of simulated medication, Demo Dose®, familiarizes nursing and pharm tech students with medication appearance, dosages, and indicated usages. Our manikins and trainers educate EMS personnel, nurses, and allied health professionals such as phlebotomists, by simulating the look and feel of patients.

About Pocket Nurse

Pocket Nurse is a nurse-owned-and-operated company that specializes in medical education and simulation technology solutions.