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KbPort SimEMR® is an interactive, fully cloud-based, simulated electronic medical record solution that enables students to learn how to review and complete electronic-based charting in today’s hospitals. SimEMR® brings clinical documentation to the simulation lab, classroom, and right to the home for student nurses and physicians, nurse practitioners, medical assistants, and many other healthcare disciplines.

SimEMR® enables students to navigate through an electronic health record and input real entries in order for a true clinical patient picture to be developed and learned. This cloud-based system requires little-to-no administrative attention by instructors. In fact, SimEMR® comes with an electronic book full of basic Lesson Plans to help instructors get a head start.SimEMR® is accessible via web browsers on client workstations (Windows 10 and macOS) as well as mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.

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A step-by-step process mirroring real-life patient care takes the learner from a patient profile and charting objectives in SimEMR® to medication dispensing and administration with KbPort Virtual MedsManager. Virtual MedsManager is a robust, fully functional application that allows for virtual medication stocking, dispensing, and administration, without the physical cabinet or bedside cart hardware.

Note: In addition to patient charting and medication administration, educators can also utilize KbPort ETC FusionHD and KbPort Archiver to develop study tools for remote learners. Annotate, distribute, and debrief with past recordings, or develop new recordings to highlight proper and improper clinical procedures for specific educational objectives.